Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Measuring Language on Social Media


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Measuring language on social media is an area that many businesses, large or small, miss out on. Too many businesses focus on the hard numbers – and often the wrong numbers – when it comes to understanding ROI through social media.

Get The Numbers Right
If your internal social media team is focusing on ‘likes’ and ‘followers’ then, chances are, it is failing to use social media in the way it was designed for. When it comes to the numbers, engagement is the key metric you should be following. Failing to get your fans or followers engaged is the equivalent to standing in a room with them and keeping to yourself in the corner.

Listen to the Language
But another important metric is qualitative – listening to the language that people are using when they discuss your brand, either on your social media platforms or on other people’s feeds – often in places you won’t actually be able to access. Quite possibly one of the best examples I’ve seen of this was from a friend’s Facebook feed – Mike Goldman, of Big Brother fame was posting on his wall asking his friends for recommendations of a draftsman or draftswoman who could conjure up some plans for a renovation for his property.

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