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How to Write Engaging Titles and Descriptions For Your eCommerce Products


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Those who run eCommerce stores know that developing a successful business online is largely dependent upon how good you can make your product descriptions and titles.

eCommerce relies heavily upon a business’s ability attract customers through vivid descriptions, discussion of practical applications and great customer reviews.

Fortunately, it’s easy to write magnetic product descriptions effective titles for your eCommerce products simply by placing yourself in the buyer’s shoes.
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What Buyers Want: It’s About the eCommerce Experience You Give Them
When shopping online, buyers want to know that they are getting a quality product that will suit their needs. Because buyers can’t generally touch the item, try it on for size or take it for a spin, though, it is especially important for companies to dedicate themselves to descriptive, in-depth product descriptions that help the customer understand exactly how the product will preform.

Would-be customers need to know what makes the product stand out, how it is different than the competition, what its biggest selling points are and why, exactly, they should buy that product over all others. In short, customers need to feel confident about the product in order to purchase it and, for this to happen, product descriptions and titles need to be informative, personal and descriptive.

6 Questions to Ask Yourself to Write Product Descriptions That Will Wow Your Audience
Product descriptions are meant to attract a target audience and, when done correctly, will help your audience engage with the product. The best product descriptions answer the following questions:

1. How Does the Item Benefit the Customer?
Customers are highly unlikely to purchase an item that doesn’t provide them with some definable benefits and, because of this, it is important to line these out for your customers in the body of the product description. Whether it serves to make their life easier or simply beautify your home, a customer is much more likely to purchase an item if you can help them understand how it’s going to bring them joy or convenience.

2. Why is the Item Special?
Whether the item is unique looking, outstandingly high quality, the first of its kind or handmade, customers need to know what makes it special in order to justify purchasing your item over one of the many others available on the market.

3. Why Should the Costumer Buy the Product?
This may seem overly simple, but don’t underestimate the power of this question. When customers shop online, they are asking themselves why they should choose to purchase product X over product Y and, if you can place yourself in their shoes while you are writing the product description, you’re much more likely to land the sale.

Consider what your customers need. Will this product help them complete a task? Will it make them happy? Help keep them safe? Help create special memories? Simplify their workday? If you can help a customer see how your product provides some benefit and value, you stand a good chance of converting a would-be customer into a sale.

4. What is the Product’s Central Selling Point?
For every product, there is one central selling point that makes it better than the rest. Consider ModCloth’s Teaching Classy dress. Both the title and the description of this product seek to appeal to young professional women who want to look nice and hip at the same time. The description of this dress markets it as classy and fun while the interesting, catchy title draws customers in. The dress’s chief selling point is it’s conservative cut and fun print, both of which come out in the description and title.

5. Why is Your Company Excited About This Item?
If you are not excited about your products, you can bet your customers won’t be, either, and because of this, it is important to help them understand exactly what is revolutionary and groundbreaking about this product. Apple did this beautifully in the release description of the iPhone 6. By stating that the pone wasn’t simply bigger, but was “better in every way” with hardware and software that functioned in “prefect unison,” Apple created a viral sense of excitement and anticipation that spread like wildfire through its audiences. Obviously, this approach is much more effective than saying to customers, “this phone is pretty OK.”

By helping your customers see why your company is proud of an excited about the product, you help them understand many things, including but not limited to the value the product can provide, how it will benefit their lives, what makes it high quality and what it offers in terms of usability.

6. What Do Your Customers Need to Know About This Product?
Within eCommerce dealings, details are important. In order to purchase a product, customers need to know how much it weighs, how large it is, how long the inseam is, etc. In order to boost sales and decrease customer questions, be sure to supply your would-be customers with this info in the description for the product.

Writing Great Product Titles
Writing a great product title is as simple as seeking to be unique and descriptive. Great product titles should tell the customer what the product is, what it does and what makes it unique. Take, for example, the Nest Learning Thermostat, an in-home device that creates a cozy atmosphere by learning the homeowner’s patterns and adjusting the temperature accordingly.

The wonderful thing about the Nest’s name is that customers already know exactly what it does without even having to visit the webpage. The word “nest” conjures an image of a cozy, homelike environment while the word “learning” brings to mind a smart device that would be part of a well appointed home. Customers are drawn to the descriptive, yet simple name and have a clear idea of what the product does from the get-go.

The Case for Great ECommerce Product Titles and Descriptions
Customers are more likely to buy a phone that operates in “perfect unison” than they are one that’s “pretty alright” and they’re likely to be more intrigued by the Let ‘Em Know What’s Scallop Dress than they are by the “Blue Frock.”

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For this reason, it is important for eCommerce companies to dedicate some time and effort to crafting outstanding product titles and descriptions for their wares. Effective, interesting and informative product titles and descriptions provide information and entertainment while also helping a company covert would-be customers to sales.