Friday, June 10, 2016

More Than 32M Twitter Passwords for Sale on Dark Web


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Twitter users are the latest victims of hackers with nearly 33 million usernames and passwords surfacing for sale on the dark Web.

The alleged hacker, who goes by the alias Tessa88, told LeakedSource that 32,880,300 Twitter credentials are up for grabs for 10 bitcoins, which amounts to roughly $5,800.

Each record included one or two e-mail addresses as well as the username and password. Strangely, none of the passwords were encrypted, suggesting they were not obtained by hacking Twitter or a third-party site. Despite that oddity, Leakedsource said it looks like the data is real.
“We have very strong evidence that Twitter was not hacked, rather the consumer was. These credentials however are real and valid,” Leakedsource said in a blog post.

“Out of 15 users we asked, all 15 verified their passwords.

 The explanation for this is that tens of millions of people have become infected by malware, and the malware sent every saved username and password from browsers like Chrome and Firefox back to the hackers from all websites including Twitter.”

News of this latest data dump comes just days after it came to light that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s Twitter and Pinterest accounts were hacked. Zuckerberg’s info was nabbed as part of a set of data from a 2012 LinkedIn breach that scooped up the e-mail and hashed password combinations of more than 100 million LinkedIn members.

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While it is entirely possible the passwords in circulation are old and no longer used, Twitter users who have not changed their passwords for awhile should do so as a precaution.