Friday, June 10, 2016

Thieves Dressing Like Apple Employees and Walking Off With Merchandise


Apple image — The Apple Store, Santa Monica, Calif.

Apple has reportedly been the victim of some clever yet unimaginative thefts: Thieves enter an Apple Store dressed like an employee and raid the stock room.

According to a DNAinfo report, a man dressed as an Apple Store employee entered an Apple store in Manhattan’s SoHo neighborhood and managed to leave with $16,130 in stolen electronics.

The thief boldly walked into the repair room at the store and filched 19 iPhones from a drawer. No one challenged him, because he looked like an Apple employee. He then gave the devices to an accomplice and they both left the store significantly richer.

And that is not the only incident. Other Apple stores have been hit using the same scam.
According to the New York Post, an Apple Store in Manhattan’s Upper West Side was victimized twice using the same con. The first time the store was hit the thief managed to walk out with $5,300 in stolen iPhones. The second time, a three-person team nabbed 59 iPhones — a value of roughly $44,000.

In that case, a clerk noticed the three people were acting peculiar and called security, but it was not in time to stop the theft.

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It is not known how many other Apple stores have been hit but, with such lax security, the number could be quite high.