Monday, February 17, 2014

How To Transform Your Vision Into Accomplishments

Most people have a dream and vision for achieving something special, but their idea is soon forgotten. The problem is the vision is not desired deeply enough, and so the motivation to develop it into reality soon disappears.

Adding to the problem is the disillusion that sets in upon recognition of a very steep learning curve. We have a core talent but usually there are other factors involved that complicate the development and completion of the required milestones. This is what dissuades most from continuing to pursue their fondest dream.

A better approach is to let your dream take form in the daylight. Ask yourself questions that start with, “What is my," and "If only, then I would…” Does the thought bring a smile to your face and seem as if it would truly be a dream come true? Should your answer be “yes,” then this is the direction to focus on because it is one that will bring you joy. In turn, the joy found in the thought will motivate you to proceed.

Strong motivation is at the core for achieving all goals.
Now that you are willing to recognize your biggest dream, and looking into the future, consider all the extra possibilities forthcoming by having achieved that dream. It is said that the most successful people are in over their heads most of the time. It is their motivation, desire and dedication to continual learning that allows them the wiggle room to succeed. Rarely will a new avenue be singular. You will find offshoots for additional new accomplishments along with new offers of collaboration.

Today’s technology enables you to dream bigger than ever before. Create several lists to refine and clearly define the direction of where you wish to be headed.

List No. 1: Desired and complementary outcomes. For example, if you want to become an author, your complementary venues may be workshops, convention speaking and a documentary based upon your story. Establish a regular schedule to review and add to this list.

Your envisioning process adds momentum and motivation to succeed.
List No. 2: The learning curve and expense. Now that excitement has begun to take hold, it is time for a reality check. Review your long list of potential outcomes and determine which of these require study or coaching. As an example, many people fear public speaking most. Should you fall into this category but see it becoming a required effort on your part, search your thoughts of whether you really do have the motivation to move past the fear.

Balancing money and time can be quite a challenge. As you review your list of actionable items, list potential time and money involved.
Maintain motivation by first beginning with the simplest and least expensive milestone.
List No. 3: Track accomplishments. It feels good to check off what has been completed and motivating to move to the next. As progress is soon seen, you then eagerly begin to tackle the more complicated.

To further motivate you to attain your vision, keep a monthly record of your achievements. Over time, it is highly rewarding to review where you started and how far you have come. Another benefit to keeping this record is if you are to hire part-time assistants or full time employees, you now have documentation of what works best and explanations may easily be provided for their greater understanding. Now you have everyone on the same page enabling you to consistently build your brand.

Extend your brand further by developing a knowledgeable team.
List No. 4: Celebrate. Hard work and success should always be acknowledged. Just as you moved past "If only, then I would," you must do the same for your personal goals. Envisioning having reached your goals, what will be your reward in addition to the achievement? Will you travel, make a donation to a charity or go to school for advanced education?

Reward adds motivation to continue on the success path.
Today is the day to declare you will not give up but instead persevere to reach heights never before thought possible. While others may not be advocating for you initially, they will be as they see you heading toward your vision and beyond.

Believe in yourself to find the joy in your journey.

All of these ideas combined will lead you to the Smooth Sale!

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