Tuesday, October 21, 2014

How to Use Hootsuite to Manage Your Social Media

We all know how important social media is to our small business marketing strategy. We know that it’s a powerful and essential way to connect and engage with our audiences.
However, we also know that finding the time to invest in social media is difficult.

What’s more, there are small businesses that seem to live on their social media platforms tweeting and posting updates every few minutes. It may seem impossible that anyone involved with running a small business would have enough time to update their social media accounts a dozen times an hour.
But, with a service like Hootsuite, it’s entirely possible.

Hootsuite allows you to update and pre-schedule posts and tweets for all your social media accounts in one central location.

Best of all, it’s free and includes three different social networks. (Of course, you can upgrade to their advanced plan with more features for a small monthly fee).


Here’s how to get started with Hootsuite

Sign-up for a free account.

Once inside the application, you will use a different tab for each of your social media accounts.
Different social media tabs
Within each social media tab, you can add different streams.
For example, for your Twitter account you can have streams that show:
  • Your general Twitter feed
  • When you are mentioned in a tweet
  • Your follower’s tweets
  • Tweets from a custom-made list
  • Your scheduled updates
Different streams
And, for your Facebook tab, you can have:
  • Private messages
  • Wall posts
  • Scheduled updates
Facebook streams
One of the most useful features of Hootsuite is that you can schedule all of your daily updates in one sitting.

At the top of the Hootsuite home page, there is a Compose Message box. Write your message and use the pins to the left to post the message to different social media accounts.
Create message
If you are posting to a social media account other than Twitter, Hootsuite previews your message so you can preview if the correct image is included.
Click Send Now to immediately post to any social networks you choose.
Send now
Or, select Schedule to pick a specific time for your message to post. You can schedule a post to go live in 5 minutes or several weeks later.
Hootsuite ensures that you aren’t wasting time on your social media platforms. In fact, you can schedule all of your upcoming Tweets and status updates for the upcoming week in under an hour flat.

Now that you are equipped with how to post more effectively, make sure that you know what type of content to post on Facebook and Twitter.

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