Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Most Bizarre ICD-10 Codes


Although ICD-10 implementation will mean a set of nearly 70,000 codes, some clearly stand out as more bizarre than others.
This year’s winners include:
In the Animal Category


W56.52 – struck by other fish (excludes sharks and orca)
W53.21XA – bitten by squirrel, initial encounter
W 55.22 – struck by cow
In the Injury Category
W56.21XA – bitten by orca, initial encounter
W55.39 (includes accidental contact with goat)
X37.8 (includes injury from torrential rain)
In the Strange Places Category
Y92.511 (includes injured at café)
Y92.331 – roller skating rink
Y92.026 – swimming pool of mobile home
In the Just Plain Weird Category
W42.0 – exposure to supersonic waves
W49 (includes exposure to abnormal gravitational forces)
W20.1XXA – struck by object due to collapse of building (unfortunate, although on the plus side, you survived the building collapse)

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