Thursday, September 25, 2014

10 Free Time Tracking Software Options For Entrepreneurs

Learning how to properly bill time is a difficult concept for entrepreneurs; being able to organize and invoice for the time can be a real struggle. Here are 10 free time tracking software options that can help make you more productive:

1. Google Calendar

If you have a Gmail or Google+ account, you have full access to Google Calendar. With Google Calendar, you can keep track of appointments, time dedicated to projects, and schedules of your colleagues (if you share calendars with each other). The data syncs across the Google platform of apps, so you can view all your contacts, email, create Google Hangouts, and do all other things Google from the Google Calendar. With the integration of Google into most programs, you can probably sync Google Calendar with most resources you are already using. Google Calendar exports to many project management solutions, making it a very robust and powerful solution.

2. Toggl

Toggl is a multi-platform (desktop, mobile app, web app) time tracker that is very flexible and very popular. Simply type in your task and click start; click again to finish. Toggl syncs across platforms, so you are able to begin the task on your smartphone and can finish on your computer. If you forget to click, you can enter times manually. Toggl allows you to track time for free, but costs $5 to access all features. Toggl’s tagging method allows you to tag with a three stage hierarchy – client, project, and task – for ultimate organization. Toggl even works when you are offline! Toggl was built with teamwork in mind, so if you are developing a team and are looking for possible solutions, head over and check it out. You do not need to create a new login if you have a gmail account.

3. Timesheet

Timesheet allows you to keep track of your time with the single press of a button. You are able to easily add breaks, expenses, and notes. Timesheet allows you to keep track of projects and the data is exportable to Excel. One unique feature Timesheet provides is the ability to link WiFi connections to projects. This means that when you arrive at your client’s and connect to their WiFi, Timesheet will automatically start tracking your time. Timesheet backs up your information to Dropbox, so you do not have to worry about losing data if you lose your computer/phone.

4. Timetrack

Timetrack was made for one purpose: time tracking. To get started, visit the website, create your projects, assign yourself to the projects, and download the app (PC, Mac, Linux, and mobile are supported). After this initial login, you don’t need to visit the site again unless you are adding new projects. Time is tracked online and offline. Timetrack set up their system for easy team collaboration and client reporting. If the number of projects and users reaches ten, Timetrack does ask that you pay a small fee. Timetrack has multilingual support and will work with you if their templates for reporting aren’t enough.

5. TimePanther

TimePanther is currently a web-based timer in beta state. The free version allows for 3 clients and 6 projects with unlimited timers. Sort your timers by project and your projects by client. A realtime hourly rate/lump sum calculator is a nifty feature that works while you do. TimePanther tracks client payments and gives you the ability to access time history and time breakdown reports. The full version (currently free) gives you unlimited clients and projects while enabling you to break down time reports by week, archive and export your data, integrate into Freshbooks and Basecamp, and email support. There is no indication of when they are moving out of beta phase and pricing is tentative for now with no established rate.

6. aTimeLogger

If you’re looking for a time-tracking app that does more than just work, aTimeLogger is an excellent solution. It provides twelve categories including work, sleep, self-care, reading, and shopping. You can review your daily log and figure out where your time is going. aTimeLogger allows you to set goals and notifies you when you reach them. Statistics can be displayed in pie or bar chart format and reports can be adjusted by date range/activites, which can then be exported in CSV or HTML format. aTimeLogger is customizable by allowing you to select different themes to better suit your purpose. aTimeLogger integrates with apps such as Tasker and Locale. You can even program aTimeLogger to tweet when you finish an activity!

7. Gleeo Time Tracker

Gleeo Time Tracker is a simple project and task based time recording tool found on the Google Play store. Built with touch-screen in mind, Gleeo Time Tracker allows you to jump from project to project and track time with minimal effort. Accessing your on-the-fly statistics and being able to monitor your recording times is simple, and features an animated timeline. You are allowed unlimited projects and tasks per project. Data can be imported/exported in an open CSV format.

8. RescueTime

RescueTime is a time-tracker that constantly runs in the background based around helping you focus on work. The free version allows you to track your time spent in websites and applications to ensure that you are using your time productively. It also allows you to set goals and sends you a weekly email report. The full version allows you to block distracting websites to help you stay focused, track time away from the computer, set daily goals, and receive more detailed reporting.

9. Timely

Timely is a robust solution for scheduling and time tracking. Timely integrates with all major calendars, so any change made will be reflected across all synced calendars. Navigation is simple and intuitive with features like a drag-and-drop calendar and built in estimates. The free version is for one user and three projects but is $14 a month for unlimited with one user. Project management is very simple as it helps you with planning, discovering who has done what, and seeing who has too much on their plate. Reviews from multi-person teams rave about how it has streamlined a lot of work in a very easy to use way.

10. Paymo

Paymo is a free time tracking software that also allows for project management and online invoicing. Paymo is a cloud-based solution so you can access from any device connected to the internet. The mobile app which can also offline and sync once you reconnect. Efficiency and time spent are the two major concepts Paymo focuses on. Google Apps integrates with Paymo and you are able to accept payments online (Paypal, Auth. net., Google Checkouts..). A free account allows for one user with unlimited clients and projects, but only one invoice. You also recieve 50MB of online storage. The paid accounts increase users and storage space.

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