Friday, October 16, 2015

How To Help Your Team Stop Fearing Data

Data is permeating the nooks and crannies of every industry, which understandably makes many people nervous about their jobs, teams, and companies. Fear can paralyze both teams and individuals, so good managers don’t allow it to fester. To help your team stop fearing data, start by reading and studying. Find books and news articles that are relevant to your industry. Next, practice using data. Pick something that interests you, then gather some data on it. Create simple plots, compute some statistics, and ask yourself what the data means. As your knowledge grows, push forward. Dig into other data sets, learn the difference between causation and correlation, and share what you find with your team. Finally, bring data into your daily work. Challenge your team to gather all relevant facts when making decisions. Using data in your everyday routines will help everyone feel more

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