Monday, October 5, 2015

How To Win Attention for Your New Idea or Project

It’s hard to start a new initiative — to convince people to listen to your idea, understand it, and take action. But being able to get new initiatives off the ground is critical to your career. You want to stand out and get noticed as a leader.
One way to jumpstart your idea is to propose a trial run. This reduces the risk of implementing something big and new.
Try saying, “Let’s not worry about making this change wholesale — let’s try a pilot.” Pilots give people a chance to test out the idea, and they can create data that changes minds. Basically, they’re a cost-effective way to sell your idea. If you don’t have the power to allocate budget to a pilot, you need to sell harder to those who do. Your proposal should explain how you’ll measure the pilot’s success and the impact it will have on the company.

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