Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The Right Way to Switch Jobs

Everyone has advice about the best way to switch jobs, but how do you know who’s right? If you’re thinking about leaving, here’s what the experts say you need to know:

  • Staying at a job for 1–2 years is no longer necessary. Seventy percent of people quit their jobs within two years, so employers have become more accepting of job-hopping.
  • Consider telling your boss you’re looking for a new job. She may want to try to keep you by offering more money or flexibility.
  • But be wary of accepting your company’s counteroffer. There was a reason you started looking for another job in the first place. Make sure you address those issues before accepting an offer to stay.
  • Focus on interesting work, not title and compensation. More money and a fancier title rarely make us happy. Instead, look for autonomy, mastery, and purpose in your next role.

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