Saturday, October 10, 2015

How To Lead Your B-Level Players to A-Level Success

Can a team of B players achieve A+ success? Research says yes — but only with an A-level leader. Effective leaders can have a variety of styles, but they share certain characteristics: superior judgment, which helps them make good decisions and learn from mistakes; high emotional intelligence, which helps them stay calm under pressure and build relationships with their teams; and high ambition, which pushes them to high performance. In addition, there are four tactics any leader can use to make their teams more effective: Have a strong vision that motivates your team with tactics, a plan of attack, and milestones. Use analytics to help your team make smarter, better decisions with data. Give feedback to be honest about team members’ limits and help them improve. And foster morale by encouraging team bonding. When people care about each other, they raise their performance for each other too.

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