Wednesday, August 13, 2014

How to Improve Conversion Rates on Your Website



One problem that a lot of website owners run into is they finally start to see traffic coming to their site, but they aren’t able to actually convert that traffic. It doesn’t matter whether you want to sell something or just have them sign up for a newsletter, conversion rates are a necessity for all websites. So what can you do to get higher rates? Let’s take a look.

Have an Excellent Landing Page
A landing page is extremely important. It is usually the first impression that visitors will get and has a very big impact on if not they will continue to use the site. So, if you have a main home page or a page that you market the most, ensure that it provides all of the information that someone might need regarding your site. There are plenty of strategies when it comes to the layout of your landing page, so choose one that best fits your type of site.

With the right landing page, you could see a drastic rise in conversion rates, sometimes even more than 200 percent. There are a lot of sites out there that say their landing page design will increase conversions by more than 500 percent, but every site is different, so don’t expect any massive miracles. Instead, try to understand your target audience and make the best landing page geared toward them. Once you figure out how to make your site more appealing to them, the landing page will be much easier to maintain and improve.

Allow User Reviews On Products & Services
A lot of sites don’t allow user reviews, which can be very harmful to the site. The owners might think “well, new visitors won’t be able to see any bad reviews.” While this might seem like a good thing, it isn’t. With all of the review sites out there such as, if a visitor wants to see reviews, they will. So why not have it directly on your site? If you are offering goods or services that are worth the money, then people will also leave good reviews, which can dramatically increase conversion rates, so use the reviews to your advantage.

For example as to how this strategy works so well, check out some of the largest retail online stores. is the biggest online retail site there is and they allow free reviews to anyone. This ensures that it customers know exactly what to expect when they are buying a product. If they see that 400 out of 500 people recommend the product, then it is obviously a great choice, which then helps convince them to buy it. People nowadays want to be sure the product they are buying is exactly what they want, so ease their discomfort by allowing them to understand everything there is to know about the product or service by reading what others think about it.

Use Call to Action Buttons
Call to action buttons give people that last extra push they need to make something happen. They are those big buttons that you have probably seen that say ‘CLICK HERE’ or ‘BUY NOW.’ Use those to get people to finally make the decision to convert over. These are usually most effective when they are put after something that also helps convince them that it is a good idea. For example, you write some content about a product you are selling, then at the end, implement the call to action button. That way, the articles tells the person what the product does and then they have easy access to buy it.

There are two types of call to actions, you can use generic call to action buttons or have targeted call to action campaigns. The targeted version means that you will use the visitor’s previous browsing history or certain cookies to understand what type of stuff they are into, then the appropriate call to action comes up. Going back to as an example, if you search a lot for cook books and cooking stuff, then when you go back in the future, you will see a lot more cooking type of call to action buttons. This has a much better effect on increasing conversion rates because it also lets visitors know of other things they can purchase.

Using the generic type of call to action button can be just as effective if used properly. Websites that use good strategies for their call to action buttons can see an easy 40 percent increase in conversion rates within the first six months. Usually the first couple months of implementing the new strategy requires a lot of attention to what is working and what isn’t and then small changes are made to perfect it. Once you get it down, seeing the spike in conversions shouldn’t be a surprise.

Have Backlinks from Relevant and High Quality Sites
Want more conversions? Then start to deal with other large websites and have them link to your site. Not only will this bring people over from that site, but it will also help increase your rankings within search engines which will bring in more traffic. If someone sees that a popular website is referring you, then they will automatically trust you much more and will be more open-minded to converting. Quality backlinks always helps the website, so try to get as many of those as possible.

As a lot of search engine optimization experts know, SEO is always changing and there is never any actual percentage statistics for how well just one strategy goes. You have to go through a lot of trial and error to figure it out, but one proven strategy that works over the years has been high-quality links. The overall benefits from launching a good link building campaign are almost endless. From increased traffic, more exposure, increased conversion rates, to building your brand even bigger. These are some valuable benefits that everyone should be interested in.

Get a Professional Design
Getting a beautiful minimalist design has always helped improve conversion rates. Visitors feel more trusting when a site has a unique and lovely design, which makes them feel much more comfortable converting over to your site. Also, a professional designer knows tricks to also help keep visitors engaged with the site so that they pay more attention to what you are offering.

A simple redesign of a mediocre website can easily increase conversion rates by over 50%. Of course there have been other sites out there that have seen 300% increase in conversion rates after a professional redesign, but like I said before, every website is different. Just make sure that your visitors can relate to the design and it makes it easier for them to make up their minds about converting over. Whether it is with flashy colors, a simple design, or strategically placed content, make sure that you have something that is visually pleasing and also achieves your website’s goals.

These are just a few tips to help convert more traffic over, but there are still plenty other tips and tricks out there. So keep an open mind and continue to make changes to your site until you finally find a conversion strategy that works for your demographic.

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