Sunday, August 24, 2014

Using Adobe VideoBite to Make Marketing Magic

If you've been practicing your Oscar acceptance speech in the bedroom mirror for a while
now, it might be time to check out Adobe VideoBite. This app allows you to use your photos
and video snippets to create Hollywood-worthy vignettes, easily turning recorded clips of
customer recommendations into marketing magic.

And the best part is that there's no backlot or editing experience required. So, if a dog
video-bombs the shot, no worries, you can easily edit out Fido. Just click 'capture' to
film, preview the raw video, select clips, arrange, and share. You can even add music,
transitions, and titles after splicing and dicing. These short masterpieces also render
quickly--with little lag time between calling 'cut' and sharing your groundbreaking review
on social media.

VideoBite makes delving into video less intimidating (and lets you focus on being
creative, not worrying about all the technical dos and don'ts), while creating
opportunities to liven up your social media presence!

Check it out: cc06a503c2fe442bcf7bb22930d60fa4c2

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