Friday, June 13, 2014

How To Create an Article Resource Box That Works

Article marketing can be a fantastic way to position yourself as an expert, boost your visibility and generate more leads.
However, all of your article marketing efforts will be in vain if you don’t have an impressive article resource box.

So, what is an article resource box? The article resource box appears at the end of the article and contains the author’s name, brief biography and a link to their website. If a reader is impressed with the quality of the article, their natural reaction is to find out more information about the author through the resource box.

Think of your resource box as the grand finale of your article. It is designed to entice your readers to take action and is how you will convert visitors into interested prospects.
Here are seven elements for creating a powerful article resource box:

1. Your resource box should be a natural extension of your article.

Your resource box should relate closely to your article and create an uninterrupted flow from your article.

2. Write in the third person.

When you are writing your resource box, you do not want to write in the first person (i.e. I am a marketing consultant). Instead, you need to take a more professional approach and write in the third person (i.e. Jessica Swanson is a marketing consultant).

3. Don’t make it about yourself.

Believe it or not, your prospects don’t care about you and your small business. They care about how you can help them solve their problems. Therefore, use your resource box to show your readers that your product or service can offer a solution to their most pressing problems.

4. Avoid boring your readers to death.

Unfortunately, most article resource boxes are mind-numbingly dull and dreary. If you are interested in generating more leads, add a bit of fun and excitement to your article resource box.

5. Keep it short and sweet.

Your resource box needs to be clear, concise and get straight to the point. It should never be longer than four lines.

6. Call to action.

Research suggests that if we ask our prospects to act, they are more likely to do so. Therefore, go ahead and ask them to visit your website, blog or landing page.

7. Give them a compelling reason to click.

One of the most important aspects of your resource box is that you give them a persuasive reason to visit your website. Telling your prospects to “visit your site,” doesn’t provide a gripping reason for them to do so. Instead, offer them an irresistible reason to visit your site such as “download your free success kit.”

Your article resource box is an opportunity to showcase your small business. So, implement these seven tips in order to create massive visibility and ultimately make more sales.

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