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How To Nake Sales and Marketing Flyers

Make Sales Soar With Flyers

With so many marketing gadgets out there--from apps to the often-misunderstood QR code--don't forget about the trusty flyer. Remember telephone poles emblazoned with colorful paper, pitching everything imaginable? They worked then, and they can still work now. When you walk by something that catches your eye, you can't help but take a second glance! Design flyers that grab customers' attention, and pin them up locally. Your next sale could just be a few thumbtacks away!

Flyer Templates: 25 Options For Small Businesses

When it comes to direct marketing, there’s nothing like an old fashioned flyer. Although not as glitzy and technologically advanced as other options, flyers are extremely effective. Why? Flyers have direct contact with your potential customers.

There’s no need to wonder if you’re reaching your target demographic, because you’re handing it to them directly! If you need more convincing, be sure to check out our Ultimate Guide to Business Flyers. You’ll find out everything you ever wanted to know about flyer creation and distribution.
As an accompany to that guide, we thought it may be useful to look at 25 flyer templates and examine why they’re effective. All of these templates are available for purchase, and contain PSD files. A PSD file can be opened and modified with Adobe Photoshop. If you don’t have Photoshop, there’s no need to worry. Gimp is a Photoshop alternative that’s completely free to download and use, and available on PCs and Macs.

1. Premium Real Estate Flyer Template by Kinzi21

As the title states, this flyer template is well suited for real estate sells. The bold color will evoke a sense of excitement. The designer used a very smart combination of photos, making the main house image the largest photo, and including smaller images inset. Another good ideas is to add an image of the realtor. It puts a face with the name, and adds to a sense of trustworthiness.

2. Corporate Flyer Template By Artmotion

Artmotion includes 4 different color schemes in this flyer template package. Which one strikes you the most? That’s probably the one to go with for your business. As a rule of thumb, green conveys money, blue conveys authority, black conveys sophistication, and white conveys simplicity. The pixellated image gives a sense of movement to the flyer. Another nice touch are the three columns which allows you to break information into 3 unique parts. Remember, flyers are appetizers, not the main course.

3. Business Flyer Template by Artmotion

This business flyer template showcases a huge, partially obscured background image, and three smaller inset images. The inset images can show details of the main image, as is the case with the elegant car flyer, or can so different but related options to the main image, such as with the big burger flyer. The translucent shapes break up the monotony. Also, the 25% off promotion is an attention grabber. Include a discount or special promotion on your flyers. It’s always an irresistible draw.

4. Multipurpose Business Flyer by EAMeijia

As you can tell, this flyer and one above share composition in common. Both templates have a centralized promo code toward the lower half of the page as an unmistakable call to action. This multi purpose template gives you more space for written content. Be judicious, and don’t say too much. Let your images do the talking.

5. Album Release Concert Flyer by Godserv

One of the most successful components of this flyer is the use of social media. Take a look at the bottom line. You see the recognizable icons for Facebook and Twitter. This was successful implemented– the designer used the icon instead of typing the enter word. Social media-inclined customers will instantly understand how to find you.

6. Restaurant/ Fast Food Flyer by Wizdesign

This is a straight-forward flyer that can be used for a multitude of purposes, but most fittingly a food service. The fun price tags let customers know upfront what the prices are. It’s a good idea to include real images of your food, not stock images. Be sure to find the most appetizing angles, and try to provide a sample variety from your menu.

7. Poster by Seven Styles

Poster is an unabashedly vintage flyer. You can use it for flyers, but you can also use it for posters. If your business is connected to retro or grunge, like a classic car restoration business or a biker bar, or if you just like the concept, try this flyer.

8. “Must Have” Photography by EAMejia

If you’re promoting a photography business, you must include your work on your flyers. It gives readers a chance to get acquainted with your photos, even though it’s only a few images. The reason these flyers are so effective is that the background color is neutral. This allows the photos to shine. Also, don’t get too wordy on a flyer about photography– let your pictures do the work.

9. “Must Have” Health Care by EAMejia

Medical professionals can distribute flyers, too. Whether you’re a dentist, an obstetrician, or a family practitioner, you can benefit by distributing flyers and getting the word out about your practice. This flyer template is clean, maybe even sterile–which is good when you’re promoting a health service. The punches of blue or green help to inspire confidence or reassurance.

10. Better Real Estate Flyer by Deiby

Deiby’s real estate flyer is effective because it showcases a huge image of the house with three inset images of the interior. Another interesting bonus is the use of a QR code in the bottom right of the flyer. The QR code can be scanned by an app on your smartphone, and it will take you to a customized website of your choice. I also like the strip of black at the bottom of the page that can be used for explaining more about your company.

11. “Must Have” Car Services by EAMejia

If you’re in the car business, create a flyer that showcases your top cars and your best deals. This flyer allows you to spotlight up to 7 cars. Use the red flyer or red price tags to create a sense of urgency– for example, if your deals are only available for a short time. Use blue and yellow to highlight your credibility and friendliness.

12. Pro Real Estate Flyer by Punedesign

This is another real estate flyer, but it can be used for multiple purposes. It’s unique photo layout makes it a winner. Also, the top center of the templates gives a prime position for your logo. If you’re trying to create brand awareness, this is the best spot. Another added feature on this template is the huge call text with a equally large phone icon. It gives the reader an easy way to reach you.

13. Creative Design Agency Flyers by Kinzi21

I love this template for creative businesses. It features a large image that draws the reader in, and defines the brand. It also includes space for a smaller image, preferably of you, the business owner. The use of purple, blue, and green subtly hints to creativity, professionalism, and growth. The icons help to explain what your business does.

14. Social Media Marketing Flyer by Kinzi21

This social media marketing flyer just feels happy and optimistic. That’s because of the soft and playful color combination. The use of talk bubbles also hints to social media conversations. Take note of the social media icons at the bottom right of the the flyer.

15. Corporate Flyer by Kinzi21

This corporate flyer can be used for a myriad of purposes. Like the one above this, it includes a talk bubble. It’s a good idea to combine a talk bubble with your telephone number as a call-to-action. Use this type of flyer when you’re interested in speaking to customers directly, and not necessarily for product or food sales.

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