Sunday, June 15, 2014

Cash in the Bag- The Checkout 51 App

Here's a little food for thought--stocking your fridge will help you earn some extra spending money. Somewhere, at some point, everyone stops to pick up milk or a loaf of bread to fill their bellies with tasty sustenance. Why not use the Checkout 51 app, and get paid for strolling the aisles and filling your cart with your weekly rations?
Shop for groceries anywhere, upload the receipt to Checkout 51, and if their offers are on your receipt they'll add money to your Checkout 51 account. Offers change every Thursday and are live for one week, so set yourself a friendly reminder to upload your receipt before the offers expire. Once you rack up twenty bucks they'll cut you a check, or you can let it marinate a bit and let your nest egg grow. How's that for a tasty morsel?

Checkout 51 Checkout 51

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