Sunday, March 30, 2014

ObservePoint Launches Mini-Audit Tool

Marketing Application Checks Sites’ Effectiveness


It’s generally mirrors that are used to check blind spots, but a Utah-based company has launched a new tool to check such blind spots online.

Screen Shot 2014-03-26 at 11.00.38 AM
An example of what users would see following an audit of their site.
ObservePoint, a digital marketing technology and analytics quality assurance company, is now offering digital marketers an opportunity to see if their marketing is up to snuff. The free assessment, called the Mini-Audit Tool, gives a free scan of 100 website pages with the end result being a detailed report highlighting the efficiency — or inefficiency — of the company’s marketing tag deployments.

Each report shines a light on the site’s effectiveness by giving a composite score based on five tagging best practices, the number of pages scanned with load times and missing tags and the number and name of tags found on the site.

Tag auditing, the company states in a release, is a fundamental part of managing data quality in online marketing tools. Failing to perform regular tag audits can have disastrous results, the release reads.

“According to our research from auditing millions of pages in 2014, we found that nearly 20 percent of pages across the entire web are missing tags,“ said Rob Seolas, ObservePoint’s CEO and co-founder.

“When you consider the growing investment into digital marketing and how spotty data collection is, it’s alarming to think that marketers are making such heavy investments in technology without proper data quality controls.” The deployment assessment gives marketers and decision makers a glimpse into their technology stack’s deployment quality and shines a light on their digital marketing blind spots.”

The free assessment is a Web-based application. Companies can receive their free scorecard by visiting


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